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Tips For Creating and Maintaining Strong Passwords

Creating a strong password is necessary for securing your online accounts and protecting your data from common attack methods. Here are a few guidelines you can follow to increase your password’s strength:

  • Each password should be a minimum of 8 characters long. The longer, the better.
  • Use a mixture of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers. For increased security, you can also utilize commonly accepted symbols.
  • Your password should be unique and unrelated to any personal information.
  • Generate different passwords for different accounts and devices. Try not to use the same one twice.
  • Set reminders to change your passwords regularly, especially for important accounts and information.
  • Store your passwords in a secure location. Create storage backups as well.
  • Regularly log off when you are no longer using devices or visiting websites.
  • Don't tell anyone your password.

Secure Password Generation

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